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This site for a purpose in mind: to provide support, help for those wanting to purchase wireless headphones. In fact, you will find reviews of all (almost) wireless headphones on the market. Inform yourself before you buy, and buy only the best!

Buying Guide of Wireless Headphones.Philips-SHC8575-3 Wireless Headphones

For those wishing to buy wireless headphones, but do not know what you have to take into account, which features are important when you are buying, etc., We’ve created a guide for the buying of wireless headphones. If you do not know how to move, give it a look: you may learn something new.

The Brands.

Like any good product that meets and has a good market, there are different brands on the market: Sony, Philips, Thomson, Creative, SennheiserBeatsBose, Meliconi, Sonixx, Sennheiser and Panasonic all produce some good wireless headphones. It is obviously important to choose, that are right for us: some will be lighter. Like other best qualities, some will have a longer battery life, etc. … In the section dedicated to the brands, you will find all manufacturers and links to the individual brand.

The Best Wireless Headphones.

To help you decide, which are the wireless headphones that will work for you and to move in a world of 20-30 different products, we’ve created a section of the best wireless headphones. Here you will find our own personal list of the best wireless headphones that we reviewed during our tests. Read it and check prices online: save often, and too much …

In fact, allows us to enjoy the pleasure of listening to music (or film) as loud as you want, without having to think about the next. And without wires!

Use and Benefits.

The wireless headphones are different from those for normal (obviously) the lack of the wire. The fact that the wire is missing, it has some clear advantages:

  • Using the TV : When watching TV, the device is in front of us and the distance should be at least 2-3 meters (if not more). Using headphones with the cable, we will have a wire in the middle of the room, uncomfortable and risky.
  • Use in the garden or on the terrace : In these two places, we do not normally have a hi-fi, which is often in the bedroom or in the living room. Wireless headphones allows us to enjoy the music even when we are pruning the roses in the garden or reading a book on the terrace of the house.
  • For home use during the work : if we do small jobs around the house (cleaning the bathroom, the kitchen, order room, etc. ..) and we can not put music because maybe there are people at home who are sleeping or who are hearing another music or TV, wireless headphones helps us to isolate ourselves in our task and enjoy the ” Beats ” that we more help to focus.


The fact of living in the city has its advantages: there is never bored, you have the best cinemas, shops. Restaurants and bars are better than in the countryside. Also live with someone (family or partner) is not bad. These two situations, however, have a common drawback: you cannot hear the music in peace. And if you can listen to music, cannot be at high volume. Why else would you bother the neighbor, the mother, the girl, grandfather, etc. .. . Fortunately, for us, we live in the 2000s: a product and came to our rescue: wireless headphones.

Read the Reviews of Wireless Headphones on our website: in peace and enjoy your music and movies.